Raison d'ĂȘtre

The aim of this site is merely to let me muse in more than 140 characters on any topic I see fit. I am a scientist so science will likely be the focus but pretty much anything is possible deciding on how I feel. I would describe me and the content more but that would somewhat take away the surprise. Actually a surprise implies a plan of some sort which is alas lacking. Still you get the idea.

Naturally anything I write is my own, unless it's a quotation. You probably guessed that given it's me writing on my site. If you read something to which you really want to respond feel free to contact me (twitter: @kasilas). If you're interesting or funny I may respond. In the case you read something which reallys annoys you please feel free to navigate away. If you must contact me to tell me of such an action please note I may severely mock you. Okay I can't think of anything else you generally read on these pages so feel free to pop over to my thoughts and sorry for the inevitable typos.