Labour on the ropes 24th May 2015
My humble opinion on why the recent UK election went so badly for Labour.

Radiotherapy 102
 1st November 

Following on from 101 this is a basic run through of one difficulty (outlining) of radiotherapy in practice. 

Radiotherapy 101 1st November 2014
An extremely basic explanation of what radiotherapy is and how it works.

Pearls of Wisdom 23th October 2014
Some things I have noticed. Knowing these will help you live your life better

The silence of the scientists
 20th August 2014

A public appeal not to allow senior scientists in advisory roles to become mere PR dolls of politicians. 

Oh no! A victim like me 18th August 2014
Why I hate news reports that attempt to rank victim according to how much like you they are. Also why international politics in the late 40s was a bit special. 

Trinity of Trolls 19th June 2014
I believe there are three types of social media trolls. This explains the different types and how to spot them.  

Building a death ray 6th May 2014
A little advice for those who want to build a death ray. For the others, why you shouldn't fear terrorists with X-ray weapons. 

I believe 25th April 2014
A few thoughts on why we all believe and why aliens should definitely eat us.

The Interesting Promotion of Coding 6th February 2014
A little post on the right and wrong reasons to promote coding in school kids.

The solution to UK politics 30th January 2014
A dozen ideas to improve UK politics.

Dangerous Advice 4th December 2013
Why the public promotion of a threshold model for radiation risk is risky.

Fixing The UK Energy Trilemma 23rdth October 2013
How governments could but do not attempt to tackle the UK's energy issues.

Why I will leave science. Part 2 ~4th October 2013
Why you should care about the reasons I will leave science (bad scientists & sexism).

Why I will leave science. Part 1 3rd October 2013
A little bit of prophesying on my future.

Conference Hates 2nd October 2013
A list of personal annoyances that are frequently observed at scientific conferences.

Narrative Perspective 9th September 2013
A little specific moan about reporting of high dose rates in Fukushima.

Rules of twitter 30th July 2013
Some things I learnt from twitter the last three days.

Quantum Terminology 101 28th July 2013
A little gentle primer on Quantum Mechanical terms.

Wise people think alike 11th July 2013
Why the only thing worth promoting in science is the consensus.

The Tale of Geometric Unity 10th June 2013
My thoughts on a lecture by Eric Weinstein's on his controversial new theory of everything.

Why scientists are sometimes wrong 26th April 2013
An article on you shouldn't trust scientists too much.

Explaining UK politics 16th April 2013
Are you troubled by too much optimism over UK politics. This is quite possibly the cure.

How Dangerous is a little radiation 22nd March 2013
A post on the Linear No Threshold (LNT) model used in evaluating risk from radiation written entirely so I can point to it and avoid repeating myself more than I do already. 

Examination of an article on the origin of life 1st February 2013
My stream of conscience as I read a guardian article on the origin of life.

Scotland's worst invention 30th January 2013
My thoughts on golf and it's horrific culture.

In the Shadow of the gun 15th December 2012
My thoughts on gun culture compared to smoking culture.

Divergent hate 3rd December 2012
Just a pleasant page listing various aspects of several big tech. companies I hate.

A rose by any other name 13th September 2012
My own thoughts on American atheism and it's Atheism plus movement.

Dreams for self driving Cars 11th September 2012
The long awaited 2nd part on why self driving cars are an amazing idea.

Universally appealing language 15th August 2012
My thoughts on how the language you choose in an argument can divide or unite an audience.

Borrowing twitter's stuff 1th August 2012
Quick demo of basic data scrapping with twitter. 

Birdwatching 12th July 2012
How to connect to through python using Tweepy. 

Let the robots drive 9th June 2012
Why self-drive or robot driven cars are the future and in every way a great idea. 

Damn I am so blocked
Quick post on my discovery that a tolerance loving Muslim commentator has blocked me. I will let you judge whether it is justified or not. 

Judging the actions of groups
Pondering whether it is acceptable to ignore the actions of subsections of religious groups when evaluating the group. 

Watching the Europeans
Just a post on the sneakingly increasing US agencies monitoring of the world wide web and the implications for europeans. 

Blogs, The Bad
The lesser discussed dark side of scientific blogging. 

Blogs, The Good
About scientific blogging or at least the good things about it.

I love Gaga
My opinion of the commercial entity known as Lady Gaga.