Just a list of frequently (or not) asked questions.

Why don't you use blogspot, wordpress, etc as opposed to having this plain old site?
Because I had at the start a noble aim of writing my own site entirely myself, that includes the site as well as all the content. Switching back to this is a big investment in time and so I have stuck to a simple zero-effort template for the moment. This is not a driving principle though so I may revert in the future.

Why don't you use your real name?
It's not exactly hidden. It's more of a challenge to figure out. A challenge that even the most daft can do. Basically I do not display it in full view as I think this way it is totally clear that this is not related to whatever workplace I am employed by at this particular moment. Not that I tend to write a lot of inflammatory stuff but hey one day I might want to. 

Why no comments?
This is a rarely updated personal website. Comments would greatly add to the workload. In any case you can tell me any comments you have on twitter. Again in future maybe. 

Why no many typos?
I often type on a phone screen and it's easy to make typos. Also I do not see my own typos in my writings. You can tell me of any you find. I will probably eventually get around to fixing them or intentionally ignoring them if you are pissy about reporting them.

Why scaryface?
Because originally the site was a repositiory for moans about workplaces. A bit like a wikileaks but for workplaces rather than politics. Later I decided against this for no particular reason (although the fact that western governments keep chasing whistleblowers into exile was certainly a factor). Should you wish to revive this idea let me know.

Do you have any claims to fame?
I found the "cake hammer earth apple tap" (C.H.E.A.T.) invincibility cheat in the original Robocod game and completed UFO: Enermy unknown on the second hardest level (and yes I used to patch to fix the reverting-to-easy bug). I also once drank 2 pints of rum in Madagascar and slept in the middle of a forest.
I am bored, got any games?
I do. Google "The Radiobiology Game" or "Xenon MC", install and enjoy. 
Do you happen to know the meaning of existence?
Actually yes I do since you ask. Given the unavoidable heat death of the universe practically all our actions are ultimately fruitless. We will all eventually degrade down to lonely low energy photons. As such the whole point of existence is to ensure one of these three non pointless things happen.

  1. To reverse the arrow of time.
  2. To somehow transfer our informations through to another non-ending universe
  3. To kick start a new universe.
Which you choose is entirely up to you.